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The security business constantly needs to rediscover and keep pace with technology. Newer technology means more effective and powerful solutions, which in turn translates to peace of mind. We are the first choice and by far the largest supplier of security products for homes, housing societies, the banking industry and public institutions. Thanks to intelligent software and hardware, alarm systems from LWT are the ideal security manager for commercial and private use whether for intrusion, fire, or other hazards. Statistics show that an alarm system is the best deterrence for three quarters of all potential intruders: more versatile than any mechanical safeguard, less corruptible than any watchdog. An alarm system from LWT effectively protects your home against break-ins

We also provide alarm solutions for Elderly Safe alarm system. This is a special product for safeguard and medical and including spiritual care for the elderly in the worldwide. It can be used for monitoring aid, elderly person and all the emergency help through GSM Network with our innovative concepts.

especially in combination with good mechatronic basic security. Home alarm system can be equipped with the following devices.,

≔PIR Detectors

≔Gas Detectors

≔Smoke Detectors

≔Door & Window Sensors

≔Water Leakage Sensors

≔Emergency Buttons

≔Fire Detectors

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