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Guest Room Management Systems

Guest rooms are unoccupied 70% of the time, yet account for 40-80% of hotel energy consumption. While enjoying their rooms, guests expect a personalized, connected, intuitive digital experience. They want comfort, convenience and control. How do you balance the need to cut costs with ever-increasing guest expectations?


Our guest room management system integrates with building management, property management, and 3rd party systems to provide a holistic view of each guest room in your hotel.

  • Monitor and control energy consumption
  • Identify and proactively address maintenance needs
  • Facilitate maid service requests
  • Troubleshoot problems remotely

With guest room analytics, occupancy-based energy management, and intuitive guest-facing technology, operators can reduce hotel energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and give guests the comfort, control and convenience they expect.

  • Improve guest satisfaction & loyalty
  • Increase revenue
  • Realize significant energy savings of 25-44%
  • The Guest Room Management System (GRMS) provides innovative and efficient control of lighting, heating/cooling and hotel guest services through intuitive touch panel interfaces.
  • Enables the hotel to efficiently manage guest room energy consumption and drive their vision of the optimal in room experience generating greater guest satisfaction.

Guest Control Panels

  • Intuitive, instantly understandable guest control interfaces
  • Control of lighting scenes, thermoregulation settings and hotel guest services
  • Motion sensors can be built-into the glass panels and allow the most efficient detection of guest presence

Room Control Unit

  • Supports programmable logic for lighting, dimming, music volume, curtain control, thermoregulation, occupancy sensors and other control functions to meet all design, guest experience and project requirements
  • Allows for a modular setup with the use of Input/Output expansion modules with several options

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